Dr. Julie Ainscough at the Frobenius organ of All Saints' Parish Church, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey (U.K.).

Dr. Julie Ainscough at the Frobenius organ of
All Saints' Parish Church, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey (U.K.).

Photograph: © Copyright 2012 Michael Harrold Artist Management.

An  agreement  for  music  tuition

Code of Practice.

All work undertaken by myself as a professional musician and as a music teacher is conducted in accordance with the stipulations of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (with which I am accredited and listed under the ISM Register of Private Professional Teachers) and of the Royal College of Organists (of which I hold a Fellowship and with which I am also accredited as a professional teacher).  ISM accreditation involves thorough vetting of professional qualifications, experience and abilities.  Furthermore, this internationally-recognised assurance of quality and reliability includes comprehensive investigation of the teacher's personal standing in the context of the Children Act, List 99 and all standard Police checks.

Health & Safety.

I maintain substantial Public Liability Insurance cover which pertains to all my professional activities and aim to provide - at all times - a safe and secure environment in which the student's learning and welfare are of prime consideration.  Small children who have to wait on my premises for any length of time - e.g. while a sibling is being taught - must be accompanied by a responsible adult unless agreed otherwise with myself.  Prior notification must be provided in the case of children being collected from their lessons by persons other than their parents, or - in the case of older children - that they are permitted to depart unaccompanied.  Parents bringing and collecting children must do so at the front door, or inside my premises, or be clearly visible from there, so that it may be ascertained that all children arrive and depart in safety.


The lessons, which will be of a duration appropriate to the needs and abilities of the pupil as an individual, will take place on a weekly basis and will be charged for in sets of ten, which start from an agreed commencement date (and may not necessarily co-incide with the conventional academic year). Fees for these lessons are paid in advance, not later than on the date of the first lesson of the new set.


Lessons will be suspended over the conventional public holidays (e.g. Christmas and Easter) and over such other periods as I shall determine from time to time.  Such suspensions will be notified in advance, but it may be possible to offer some lessons during holiday periods (subject to mutual agreement beforehand).

Missed Lessons.

Lessons which are missed through the pupil's non-attendance will be charged for at the normal rate unless I consider that the circumstances warrant a special concession.  Lessons cancelled by myself will be carried forward to a later date.  Pupils will be expected, normally, to attend lessons throughout the terms of the academic year, but lessons can be carried forward or re-arranged occasionally (to allow for interruptions such as school trips and outings) if notification is given to me at least one week beforehand.

Increase in Fees.

Such fee increases as may be necessary will be notified at least ten weeks in advance of implementation.  Sets of lessons commenced before the specific date of fee increase will be charged for, in their entirety, at the previous rate.

Notice of Suspension or Termination.

Pupils are required to give notice of their intention to suspend temporarily or to discontinue lessons not later than by the first lesson of a set of ten - i.e. a full and final term of lessons will be given, otherwise payment in lieu of the same will be necessary.  However, new pupils (i.e. those in their first set of lessons) may give notice not later than by the sixth lesson of the set.  I shall retain the discretionary right to waive such requirements of notice where extra-ordinary circumstances merit such concession.

Examinations, competitions and public performances (including school concerts).

No pupil will be entered for examinations and competitive music festivals, or participate in school concerts, without the specific agreement of the pupil (plus parents, where appropriate) and myself.  Piano pupils who wish to present themselves for grade examinations are prepared, normally, for those set by Trinity College of Music, London.  Classical pipe organ pupils are prepared, routinely, for examinations set by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.  However, candidacy for the examinations of other Boards - e.g. The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music - may be arranged if this can be demonstrated to be a practical necessity.  I reserve the right, however, to decide the choice of examination board appropriate to the student's needs and, thereby, the course of their study.

Acceptance of a place or places on my teaching list.

New clients who wish to accept an offer of placement on my teaching list should - at their earliest reasonable convenience following upon a consultation - sign the two copies of the Agreement in confirmation of acceptance of the place (or places) on my teaching list - and of the terms and conditions stated above - and return the "Teacher's Copy" of the Agreement together with a cheque in respect of the first term's fees as advised at the consultation.  My aspiration and intention is to work with clients over a long period - hopefully many years - and I feel sure that, with the support and encouragement of the student's family and myself as teacher, the student will always consider playing the piano and/or pipe organ to be a worthwhile and enjoyable occupation.

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I, Dr. J. M. Ainscough, offer hereby to accept                                                                            as a pupil as per the above terms and conditions.

The first term of lessons will commence on                                                                          at                                                                        
          Date                                                                      Time

Dr. Juliana M. Ainscough                                                                                       Date                                                                           ISM new Logo

                                                I,                                                                                                                    having read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions given above,
                                                            (Name of parent or guardian if acting on behalf of a minor)

accept this offer of tuition by Dr. Juliana M. Ainscough and the obligations conferred on me/us thereby.

Signed                                                                                       Date                                                                      

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